Friday, July 30, 2010

Speak a little louder next time

So I am just not sure how well this story will translate into blog world… but I will try my best, but it may turn out to be one of those had to be there moments, so bare with me and know that I had the best intentions.

Today I had lunch with Dave and Dad in the city, we went to a little resturant, which I think was called noodle world, but I am not sure, anyway Dad picked the restaurant and implied to Dave and I that he had never been there before and that this was all a new experience for him and for us, just saying ‘This will do, just sit down’. The place was quite cool with the tick box/do it yourself menus and it was, at the beginning anyway, a beautiful sunny day.

Anyway as the lunch went on it came out that Dad had been there before so I was having a bit of a go and saying quite loudly “oh this place looks nice, lets go in (and then a little louder) JUST SIT DOWN ALREADY’. Anyway, unbeknown to me just in front of us were two mean looking for a table to sit down and on hearing my exclamation decided that really did need to sit down quickly as they thought I was talking to them…. Needless to say I had put my foot in my mouth and I was very very embarrassed, I did apologise, but the damage was done. Luckily for me they too saw a least some of the humour.

So there you go, better in real life, but not bad in a blog

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