Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jersey Boys... Again

I have seen Jersey Boys for the last time. And despite the fact that tonight was the 6th time I had seen the show I am actually really sad to see it go. 

It is seriously one of the best musicals ever and my feelings for it haven't really changed since the very fist time I saw it… but I think what makes me most sad to see it go, is that since the proposal, each time I saw the show, the ‘can’t take my eyes off you’ scene would still give me tingles as I reminisced about every thing that happened that fateful day in April (which just in case you haven’t already you can read all about here).  I guess I loved the fact that I could almost revisit that moment over and over and over again whenever I wanted, but now I will have to do it in my mind instead.

Farewell Jersey Boys... Maybe I will be lucky enough to see you in Sydney...


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