Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

List Update

So even though the blog has a new home, the list has come too... and even though I haven't said anything about it for a while, I have been secretly working away and knocking things off left right and centre... So here's what I haven't told you:

25. Set up my salary packaging
It's done and I am on my way to saving myself a small fortune, although this will all most likely end up going towards my car and wedding...   

44. Buy a new handbag
I have two hand bags, one I was given which is super cool and one I brought which is super practical.

51. Visit Pez in Kilmore
I have done this twice in fact, and I will continue to do it... I love visiting pez, and her little cottage gives me hope that one day when my house grows up, it could be that big!

63. Make a fire ready pack for my car
Although the fire season is now over, the pack is still there ready to go if needed, although its not currently in my car... because I am trying to keep it empty as its on its last legs!

71. Paint my toenails
Silver to be exact... and while it is done, I would like to do it again, this time while I am sitting still and am not distracted, as it turns out painting your toenails in a moving car, along the windy road in Chewton... not such a good idea!

76. Win something
Now if you are a salvo, please tune out for this section... I am a member of the social club at work, which has a special effort raffle once a month, and this month... in the Easter raffle... I won $50! Sweet I know

87. Investigate MobileMe 
Well I have a one year subscription, so I think that counts for thorough investigation, although I am still not sure if I like it.  

95. Bake some cookies
These cookies are actually featured as my first project365 photo, and they were delicious.

So there you go, I told you I had been busy busy busy, its not super exciting stuff but its getting crossed off the list!  Only 80 to go.... Oh and sorry there is no pictures... 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ok so here is probably the most exciting blog of the whole year... maybe even my whole life I am not sure... but I AM ENGAGED!  Yep that's right, Dave and I are getting married! WOO HOO!  But not only did I get engaged, I think I received the most extravagant proposal of all time... but because I don't know any other way to explain it and give Dave all the credit he deserves, I need to explain it story book style... coz its pretty much a fairytale... so here we go!

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Emma.  Emma wasn't a real princess, as she was not born into any kind of royalty, she just liked to be treated like one.  Luckily for her she was in Love with a very very handsome prince, and they had been in love for almost 6 years.  Both the Prince and the Princess loved each other very much and often thought of getting married and living happily ever after, however despite Emma's pushing and hinting, her left ring finger remained naked.  That was until one special day in April.

The day was always going to be special, as it was a 'date day' for Emma and her prince.  A day set aside so that they could just hang out together, because life was so busy, as Emma lived far away in the country and Dave lived in the city.  As the prince had made little effort for the past two date days, he had already had promised that this date day would be extra special.  Being very smug and little nasty, Emma decided that this was fair enough and prepared herself to lap up the extravagant day without much thought.  However, little did she know the plans her prince had made started taking place the Thursday before when Emma's prince rang her with some bad news. 

He had called to tell her that he was desperately needed to play saxophone in Jersey Boys on Saturday Night and that unfortunately Date day would just have to be cut short.  However, he told Emma that as this was ruining their plans he had only accepted the gig because he had managed to get her a free ticket to make up for the fact that she would spend the evening of Date Day alone.  More than Happy to go and see Jersey Boys for the fourth time, Emma was quick to accept the predicament and thought nothing more of it.

Date Day started with photos, a fund raiser for the Kids Church, and as to make the pictures nice, Emma and Dave had both taken the time to scrub up for the event.  Both were looking dashing, but even in this small step of getting dressed, the prince had begun to leave clues for his princess as the shirt he had chosen for the day was very special.  It was the shirt that he had worn to Emma's year 12 formal almost 6years ago.  After a hot photo shoot they went out for some breakfast at a little cafe in Doncaster called Cafe 250 Black, which they had wanted to try for a little while.  As there was a some time left before Dave's next plan, the two headed to Eastland in search for a little milk jug for Emma's little country cottage.  At Eastland they got more than they bargained for, leaving with the milk jug as well as two types of perfume.  But this is really not super relevant to the story and therefore we must press on. 

From the the little shopping detour they headed to Jells Park, an old family favourite of Emma's, for a picnic.  On the way to the picnic, Dave received a call from the Musical Director of Jersey Boys, Luke ,who asked if Dave could come into the show earlier as there was a technical rehearsal that he needed to attend.  After confirming with his princess he agreed and completed another piece of his extravagant puzzle.  For lunch, Dave had prepared a delicious array of sandwiches, strawberries, grapes, hundreds and thousands biscuits and crispy creams.  After sampling all on display Dave and Emma were a little full and had a little nap in the park.  And while they lay there, just before she fell asleep in the beautiful sunshine, Emma thought to herself that 'today would be a great day to get engaged', however not wanting to ruin any surprises she said nothing, although she did have a quick look in the picnic bag while Dave was in the toilet.  

The afternoon rolled on and soon they were off to the movies, but not just the normal movies, as part of the prince's extravagant plans Gold Class was the only option.  So despite the fact that they were seeing a short chick flick, off to gold class they went and it was lovely.  At the end of the movie, when her prince had not asked, Emma considered the day done.  She was thankful for such a beautiful day and was a little excited about seeing Jersey Boys and any thoughts of proposals and engagement left her mind as they raced to the prince's castle to get his instruments for the show.

Once all the instruments had been carried to the theatre, Luke greeted Emma and Dave in the pit and invited Emma to stay and watch the rehearsal.  Overwhelmed by this exciting invitation Emma eagerly accepted, although before the rehearsal she did check with Dave that it was ok, as she didn't want to be one of those annoying girlfriends that constantly follow their boyfriends around, but Dave said it was fine and that she would really like it so she should stay and watch.  Not long after that, Luke asked Emma to follow him into the main auditorium where they sat down in the second front row.  While they made small talk Emma observed everyone on the stage, she watched as the actors interacted with each other and the producers told people what to do.  She felt really lucky to be in the theatre with just her, Luke, the producers and some of the artists.  The producers asked Luke if he would need stair access to the stage during the rehearsal to which he said he would and the stairs were brought to the side of the stage, but not suspecting anything Emma just continued to enjoy the moment.  

Soon the rehearsal began, and the first thing Emma noticed was that "Frankie Valli" began to sing 'Can't take my eyes off you', this made her very very happy as this was her favourite song in the musical, as it was her and Dave's "song" and had always been listed in her iPod as "I love you Davie" because she could never remember it by any other name.  She made a mental notes about how far out into the Audience Frankie sang, she then shifted he gaze to "Bob Gaudio" who she couldn't help but notice was extremely good looking.  But then, she was distracted by Dave as the horn section entered the stage for their part of the song.  Suddenly Emma's attention was back on Frankie as she thought she noticed a mistake with his words.  Listening all the more intently she was surprised to discover that Frankie was actually singing her name... In fact he was now looking right at her and singing Dave and Emma in place of the "I" and "baby" in the chorus, so that instead the song went a little like this:

"Dave Loves you Emma, and if it's quite alright,
Dave needs you Emma, to warm his lonely nights,
Dave loves you Emma trust in him when he says,
Oh pretty Emma don't bring him down he prays,
Oh pretty Emma now that he's found you stay
and let him love you Emma,
let him love you!

Feeling very overwhelmed and suddenly realising this wasn't a technically rehearsal at all, Emma was over come with emotion.  She was shocked, surprised, excited, amazed and a little embarrassed.  She turned to Luke to check that she hadn't started dreaming, but he just sat there beaming at her.  She then looked back at the stage and watched as Dave unhooked himself from his Bari Sax and started walking down from the bridge he was playing on, to the stage.  Once on the stage he motioned for her to join him, where he held her hands and told her just how much he loved her.  Emma's prince then got down on one knee and pulled out the most amazing diamond ring Emma could ever imagine and asked "Emma Jayne Lewis, Will you marry me"  With tears in her eyes she said yes and they kissed.  With that, applause broke out in the auditorium and Emma turned around to see who else was here to see this, she discovered that the rest of the cast and crew were standing the dress circle of the theatre watching and cheering her and her new fiancĂ©.  
And they lived happily ever after... 

So there you go, that's the story... he is pretty impressive ey?  I was impressed!  Oh and I really really really love Dave!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Begining

So here we are again, the beginning of yet another blog... who knows what will happen, what crazy shenanigans we will experiences will be shared, or whether anyone will keep reading?

Anyway, I guess I need to say sorry for not kicking this off earlier, I have been a little unwell and had a moment of doubt in my blogging and through the mountains of tissues I just couldn't see the point.  But its okay, because now I am back and its all good...  

So this blog is going to be exactly what it says, one scoop of randomness at a time, coz lets face it, that's me!  And because its all me, one thing that there will be is be lots and lots photos, but as well as just your regular wordless wednesday, I also want to bring your attention to something that I started a little while ago, its called Project365... something that I actually stole from someone else's blog... basically the idea is I take a photo everyday for 365 days... a whole year.  Anyway, its got its own page linked to this one...its just listed right there in the left hand side, so do yourself a favor and go and check it out.  

Oh year and welcome to the new blog!