Thursday, July 8, 2010

TCAC - Day 5

Wow, already day 5 of TCAC... what have we been doing... well perhaps I will let Ben fill you in:

TCAC - Day 5
As they say in the classics, we’ve hit the home straight!

We’re coming towards the end of what has been a hectic, tiring, but fun-filled week here at TCAC. And everyone here is stuffed!

A big highlight – as it always is – was the ‘Date Night’ dinner which occurred on Wednesday night. All females were beautifully attired while all the big boys did their best to look – and act – as sharp as possible.

We did ourselves no harm by the way!

An aspect of the camp which has been particularly uplifting has been the bible study groups and the early morning praise and worship sessions led by Phil Laeger. The messages and themes discussed have certainly challenged many at the camp and I’m sure some lifelong messages have been learnt.

As for the Big Band, we’ve been extremely active over the past few days. Not only have we done close to 19 hours of rehearsing, but we were also given the privilege of leading all delegates in a time of praise and worship on Tuesday night.

But what has really stood out to me personally is how everyone in the band has bonded together with such ease. It’s no secret that before this camp the majority of us would’ve had little to no idea about of each other. But four days on and it’s almost like we’ve become a close netted family and we know each other back-to-front.

I could tell you that Nathan Glenn has a diet consisting of pumpkin seeds, protein powder and tuna. I could also tell you that Scott Mangos can tear up a dance floor like very few men I know. I could also tell you that Jason Sandercock is a veteran when it comes to the ladies and that any man struggling to catch a girl’s eye should seek advice from him.

Another pleasing aspect about the band over the past few days has been their willingness to participate in all activities. Not only have we achieved so much during the strenuous rehearsal time, but we have also mixed with delegates of all ages and got involved in as much as possible.

It’s now only two days until we fly to Stockholm and the excitement is certainly starting to build amongst the group. To be honest, it’s kind of surreal that our first rehearsal together was back in January because it really does feel like it was only yesterday.

The concert for TCAC is tonight so make sure you get down to Ivanhoe Girls Grammar at 7.30pm for an entertaining evening. We’ll play three numbers at the concert and with the amount of rehearsal we’ve done this week, we should be in some decent form!


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