Friday, July 16, 2010

Hej Hej from Em

Wow, so sorry there hasn't been a post before now, but life here in Sweden is full on.  We have been up and out of the hotel by 8am each day and we have just got back from the after glow worship about 5minutes ago, so very very full and long days, but definitely worth it.

This is an amazing experience for all of us... we have met so many amazing people, heard and learnt from some incredible teaching, and we are getting out praise on like no ones business!

So while Ben has given you a bit more of a comprehensive run down... I have come up with some highlights of my own....

1. The african's spontaneous singing and dancing, anywhere, anytime...

2. Scott Mangos and his Carrot chopping...

3. Fisky... and his fishing... what out Ladies of Latvia.

4. The Jason Jelly Fish (dance move) being incorporated by the Jesus Gang... a dance crew of Brasil... and a little more subtly by the Korean Mission Singers

5. Miriam and Emma's badge collecting

6. Fun Dave getting his dance on for the screen... and the world to see

7. Praising, worshiping and praying literally with every nation, every tribe and in every tongue... the International Salvation Army

8. Seeing a fraction of the potential for the army's future... you better hold on to your hats!

9. Learning and leaning and leaning

10. Being able to lead 1000+ delegates from every corner of the globe in worship!

So there you go... Em's Highlights so far...

Oh and make sure you check out the website...  and watch some of the videos so that you can tap into this amazing convention too.

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