Sunday, June 27, 2010


So if you remeber back a little while ago now, I told you all about my audtion for the role of Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray... well what I didn't tell you was this... there were some really annoying girls there that day, and while I knew I wasn't as talented as most of them, I really could bare the thought of having one of them be then next Tracy... simply because they were soooooooo annoying.  However, the good news is this... remember back even further... well actually before you do that head other to my Project365 blog and then remember all the way back to april when I went and saw the musical Fame.  Well that night at fame, I saw something amazing, the lady playing the role of Mabel blew my mine.  Despite not reallying being one of the main characters, this girl stole the show when she sang her song "Mabel's Prayer".  Seriously the crowd was amazed and for me she was hands down the best part of the night.  Anyway, she (her real name is Jaz Flowers) is going to be the new Tracy I just found out and I am very very very please with their choice.  If I was going to 'lose', so to speak, to anyone it would happily be her. 

Oh and on a side note... I think that the chorus of Mabel's Prayer will soon become my mantra as I start looking at wedding dresses etc as the lyrics say:

Oh Lord give me a sign
Give me a call on your heavenly line
Tell me, oh Lord, what it is that you want of me
Keep me from eatin' whatever's in front of me

appropriate much?

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