Friday, June 4, 2010

Russell The Rio

It's Here!  It's finally here... my Rio is here! Can you hear my excitement?  Seriously can you here it?  No... well maybe you better see it...

Can you see it?  Do you want to feel it... Ok well now you can watch it... and just pretend....
Wow... it was almost like you were there I know.   

Man I don't know if you can tell but I am super excited... Oh and the reason for Russell... well my number plate is XTH... its a little lisp like, so if you say it with a lisp... well just try it...

Yep that's what I was after...
Ok thats all.


  1. so i'm sitting here saying 'XTH' with a lisp...i don't get it.
    Fee K

  2. oh... lol try saying Russell Rio with a lisp... that might work better...

  3. Emma when are you going to blog next? I keep checking your page and it's still Russell Rio.

  4. Sorry Flic, its coming... soon

  5. Russell has become the new number one, my Ford is really sad he doesn't have a name.