Tuesday, June 15, 2010


SYG is seriously the coldest, wettest, muddiest and most ridiculous weekend ever... its crazy and after 10years of state youth games, I am still not sure why I continue to go back... but let me give you a quick run down of the weekend:

Friday Night: Swag inside the Girls Marquee... Best. Idea. Ever!  Seriously, I am not really sure why it has taken me this long to think of, but I am pretty sure because of this ingenious idea on night one I will have the warmest and best nights sleeps at SYG ever. 

Saturday: Netball - have a look at this team... does it get much better?

Oh and I played indoor soccer in the afternoon, but its not really worth talking about given that I contributed very very little to my team....     

Sunday: Under 18s netball - yep I know I am 23, but they were desperate.  Badminton - I really thought that this was my year... but once again... no.  So I guess that I need to come back to next year to try again, one day I will be SYG Badminton Champion... one day, just not this day.  Oh but in the afternoon I played Volleyball and we won, so at least I got one victory for the weekend.

Monday: The results were in and we came 6th overall - pretty impressive if you ask me... especially considering we didn't really win that much...

So there you go SYG over for another year.

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  1. Only thing missing is me at centre to anchour the whole team