Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cutting My Bridal Magazines

I have had an idea... I know surprising... it doesn't happen often so strap yourselves in.  The thing is though, my idea has been met with very mixed and even quite polarised responses and so now I am a little torn.

So... I am putting it out into the blogosphere... So in a second I am going to share this idea and then below in the comment section, or alternatively, if you are at my actual blog rather than just the facebook version, in the poll on the sidebar... I would like you to vote, it doesn't take long just a yea or a nay and that's it. Of course you can elaborate and say more if you want, however all that's actually required is a response.

So here it is:

I want to cut up my bridal magazines to scrapbook my ideas.

Is it really that bad to cut them up? Is it magazine massacre? Or is it a really good idea? Let me know what you think....

Oh and of course I will let you know what I decide!


  1. I'm inclined to take the advice of the little girl in the Natural Confectionary Co. commercial when she says to her Dad, "chop it!"

  2. so the votes are in and at an overwhelming 82% the answer is chop... so I guess I will get cutting