Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's happened, it's actually happened! My beloved Saabie is dead!

This has been a long time coming, in fact there is lots and lots of blogs all about it, but I guess I never I still didn't actually expect it to happen, well not just yet anyway.... But back to the story... I knew that today was going to be a sad day with Saabie this morning as I drove to work, because as I drove up the hill next to the hospital, which I will admit is pretty steep, Saabie struggled. Feeling that perhaps I could no longer wait for my new car i did a bit of a ring around and managed to score myself pa's pintara for the next month. All I had to do now was get Saabie back to Melbourne.

Later that morning, when Jana and I went out to get the lunch we were supposed to be providing for the speechies, Saabie putted along, kinda like a boat and then eventually stopped about 100meters from where we wanted to be. After a short rest while Jana and I walked the rest of the way, Saabie rose again and got us home, but not confidently! So fearing the worst I called my friends at the RACV and got them to come and take a look. My RACV friend told me I needed motor oil and I needed it now. Now before you all start saying nasty things about the fact that I am such a girl and that I should have checked the motor oil... Let me just say... I had been, my oil light was faulty so I had been checking my oil, but it was always fine, so I was just checking it less regularly than I should have been... And my car had, unbeknown to me, developed an oil leak! So I was out! So as per the instructions of the RACV man after work I drove straight to the servo and got myself some new motor oil.

Saabie was once again up and running and sounding great so I took him home and filled him up with all my stuff, clothes, DVDs, even my sheets and donna as I was worried that the mouse had been on them! Then I headed home, back to Melbourne. Everything was going swimmingly until I got about 10minutes down the Calder... Which was about 30minutes from home. All of a sudden everything died, lots of warning lights went on and all I could do was break and steer over to the shoulder where I eventually stopped. After a few minutes a gave the Saabie another try and nothing... Just lights! So for the second time I called the RACV.

After a bit if working out where I was exactly, Kyneton RACV came to get me. After playing my my car for a bit, I was informed that my engine had seized up and Saabie would be towed back to the Kyneton depo. So I grabbed as much of my stuff as I could carry and got the RACV man to take me to station so that I could eventually get home.

So tonight after being dropped home by mum, I have some mixed feelings... I can't really believe that the Saab is actually dead. I feel a little bit like a neglective parent, even though I had no idea! This wasn't how I had imagined it would end with Saabie... I am kinda glad that he is dead dead, because it will make it easier for me to enjoy the Rio guilt free... But I am still sad that he is actually gone. Now I have to work out what to do with the Saab... If anyone will want it for spare parts... And what I am going to tell the people at Kia about what happened to my trade in!

So Saabie, I am sorry this is how you went! I will miss you more than I probably should, given that you are just a car. Thanks for getting me around for the last 5 and a bit years, you were the best!

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  1. Saabie gets one more trip though. It gets to ride on the back of the trailer coming to Melbourne. At least he signed his organ donar form. He is give the gift of life to newer more needy cars. I think it is a gallent way to go. Doing his bit in death for needy cars.