Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Begining

So here we are again, the beginning of yet another blog... who knows what will happen, what crazy shenanigans we will experiences will be shared, or whether anyone will keep reading?

Anyway, I guess I need to say sorry for not kicking this off earlier, I have been a little unwell and had a moment of doubt in my blogging and through the mountains of tissues I just couldn't see the point.  But its okay, because now I am back and its all good...  

So this blog is going to be exactly what it says, one scoop of randomness at a time, coz lets face it, that's me!  And because its all me, one thing that there will be is be lots and lots photos, but as well as just your regular wordless wednesday, I also want to bring your attention to something that I started a little while ago, its called Project365... something that I actually stole from someone else's blog... basically the idea is I take a photo everyday for 365 days... a whole year.  Anyway, its got its own page linked to this one...its just listed right there in the left hand side, so do yourself a favor and go and check it out.  

Oh year and welcome to the new blog!

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