Monday, June 7, 2010

I am a soldier

 Wow, what a day!  Today I am proud as punch to be a soldier in the Salvation Army... seriously proud as punch!

This morning I got to take Russ on his first trip to the country so that I could support so of my awesome Bendigo buddies, Dee and Gus as they were enrolled as soldiers.  Just like when my friend Renee was enrolled, the formalities made me think about the things I have promised to do... and whether or not I am still doing it...  But the crazy thing is at almost the exact same time I as I was witnessing this very cool step by Dee and Gus, Dave was at Box Hill watching Benny get enrolled!
Sometimes I think I forget how much of as step this is, and I am just so proud of these guys as they take the plunge and declare their decision to stand as a soldier in the army of Christ.  

Of course, just because this day can't get salvo enough, this afternoon I am heading into the city to a big salvo service to watch the big band play and to farewell the TCs... should be fun....

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