Tuesday, April 27, 2010

List Update

So even though the blog has a new home, the list has come too... and even though I haven't said anything about it for a while, I have been secretly working away and knocking things off left right and centre... So here's what I haven't told you:

25. Set up my salary packaging
It's done and I am on my way to saving myself a small fortune, although this will all most likely end up going towards my car and wedding...   

44. Buy a new handbag
I have two hand bags, one I was given which is super cool and one I brought which is super practical.

51. Visit Pez in Kilmore
I have done this twice in fact, and I will continue to do it... I love visiting pez, and her little cottage gives me hope that one day when my house grows up, it could be that big!

63. Make a fire ready pack for my car
Although the fire season is now over, the pack is still there ready to go if needed, although its not currently in my car... because I am trying to keep it empty as its on its last legs!

71. Paint my toenails
Silver to be exact... and while it is done, I would like to do it again, this time while I am sitting still and am not distracted, as it turns out painting your toenails in a moving car, along the windy road in Chewton... not such a good idea!

76. Win something
Now if you are a salvo, please tune out for this section... I am a member of the social club at work, which has a special effort raffle once a month, and this month... in the Easter raffle... I won $50! Sweet I know

87. Investigate MobileMe 
Well I have a one year subscription, so I think that counts for thorough investigation, although I am still not sure if I like it.  

95. Bake some cookies
These cookies are actually featured as my first project365 photo, and they were delicious.

So there you go, I told you I had been busy busy busy, its not super exciting stuff but its getting crossed off the list!  Only 80 to go.... Oh and sorry there is no pictures... 

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